Not Much to Say

I really don’t have a starting point today so I’m going to wing it. I wouldn’t want to be counted with those who don’t post for extended times (you guys know who you are…………. Erin, and Jacques). As I look back upon what I’ve passed up ranting about in the past few week I’m not really in the mood tonight. That could change but let’s just see where this goes, eh?

OK, I’m back from a stroll over for some smokes, and the best I can come up with…….let’s not get into what’s going to inevitably happen to our local currency……is perceptions.

You know how you think of people you knew years ago and in your mind they don’t change? Now, myself should really know that this isn’t the way it is, right. Hell, I’d probably kick my own ass if I ran into the kid I was twenty years ago, and not because of his idealistic, foolish, socialist, notions. No, just because what he looked like. But, a gal friend of mine who was rather reserved in High school…OK, the way I remember it if I had said “cock” in front of her she might have passed out………..mind you there could have been a smile on her face, but I wouldn’t have noticed. It’s truly amazing what you learn as the years roll past, eh? Did I ever tell you about the nympho I dated when I was 18 that had rape fantasies………..and I said no because “that’s just not right”. huh.

But that’s not here or there, I’ll drag this back to something…….somewhere I was going. That gal who had cockofobia, and I were using the marvel of the internet to try to catch up and I mentioned the doughnut shop she mentioned has a “cockfest” where guys see how many doughnut they can hang on their schlong. I know about it because a gal up there I know keeps trying to get me to go. I broached the topic carefully remembering her as I did in high school. Somewhere along the way I also mentioned a forum where i consider it a little rowdy sometimes. Well what did I know, she thought it was tame. I guess that will show me………but sometimes I’m a slow learner.

I guess we all change, I like to think mine are all for the better, and I would put up a hell of a fight with anyone who says different….there were the two nymphos……… I did say in my life there were two, right? But hell a man has to sleep sometime, right. Alright, I grabbed this thought by the pig-tails and it’s not going off track again, OK?….probably. So twenty years can do some strange things. Hell, looking back more years have past since then than I was aged at the time. You know I’ve always had older friends, just a couple of shots ago (Bar time is OK right?) E & E (no relation) just left the bar and they are both in their 80’s but when I speak with them it seems as if there if is little twinkle in their eyes always hinting “I’ve been there, but I ain’t telling you what’s coming next. Hell, I probably wouldn’t believe them anyhow, looking back at what’s transpired the last twenty years……….. Looking back it’s a blind-side T-bone.

So I was speaking about making the best we can out of what we got, damn the torpedoes, course ……..what’s a course. Whatever we choose it to be……that’s the beauty of it really.

Not bad for a scruffy malcontent reconsidering the definition of predestination….Sometimes I want a pointy hat embroidered with “Wizzard”. Funny thing The Ol’ Lady threatened me with a tat of “Wizzard” next time I’m drunk. I better stop drinking drinking now, it’s 100 miles to the nearest artist but a person can’t be too careful.

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  1. Yes. You had better stop drinking drinking now…

    I thought you’d quit the smokes; can’t wait until you’ve grown your own ‘baccy, huh?

  2. It’s ammazing how we each make the journey of our lives. The Destination is almost as important as the journey.

  3. It’s amazing how we each make the journey of our lives. The Destination is almost as important as the journey. I am the Wizard!

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