Someone Keeps Moving My Chair!

This is my first foray into Etymology but it is necessitated by several events, it all started really bothering me years ago when I found out that the word “Liberal” has two definitions which are at complete odds with each other.

There is the Classic Liberal of which I once counted myself as one, and there is the most common current usage of Liberal which I most definitely am not. When I first learned of the first (chronologically) definition of Liberal I wondered how that word could become so twisted into its current usage. I just kind of filed away this unrest in that spot in the back of my head we all have. Two days ago an event happened that made that little bastard break free and start waving flags. One of the anarchist forums I frequent was a little slow so I rummaged through the bottom section of my bookmarks where I always stick stuff for these very occasions and came across . For those of you who don’t know The Black Flag has come into use as an anarchist symbol, and I went to take a look.

I remember when I first bookmarked that forum it was a little slow but had some good market anarchists / anarcho-capitalists. Well, when I returned there two days ago, I found the place crawling with socialists teenagers. WTF? Once again, for those of you who don’t know, I’m an Anarcho-capitalist which in a nut shell means I don’t believe there is anything the government does that couldn’t be done better by individuals in a free market………..and most of what the government does is unnecessary at best and usually harmful. Obviously Socialism is at direct odds with A-C. This is what made that latent memory about the word liberal start beating the figurative war drums in the back of my mind.

The last couple of days I’ve been active over there (I love making socialist look like idiots) and have ran across a few anarcho-capitalists but we are completely out numbered. I’ve learned that these punks (not referring to their preferred choice of music but their lack of age) are calling themselves Anarchists, if pushed they will say they are anarcho-communists. This is asinine, with the exception of the infinitesimal amount of the population that voluntarily joined “free-love” communes in the 60’s and early 70’s every communist country has fenced in their subjects like animals and ruled them with an iron fist. Anarchy is all about not having someone rule people!

What would cause these two words to completely change their meanings. Words are very powerful and words related to self-identification are the most powerful in political movement cohesion. My tin-foil hat is begging to be put on. It sure would be something to trace this back to a government conspiracy to slow the growth of certain “undesirable” trends…….Hey, Elias could have some ideas about this………But anyways I mean to do some digging and get to the bottom of it. Until then I just wish the bastards would stop moving my chair!

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  1. Dude, read Betrayal of the American Right.


    Also, before you continue bashing ‘socialism’ read this:

    The teeny-boppers at that forum aren’t socialists any more than they are anarchists.

  2. I’ll look for that book, jacques.

    So far I’ve most of those idiots there are just angsty kids who’s moms won’t let them borrow the station wagon. It’s still fun to fuck with them.

    • They sound a lot like you.

      • I’ll have to buy Kel a new paddle to keep you in line. It’s surprising he’s already worn out the last one….well I guess not that surprising.

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