The Puppet Theater Tamed

This is a re-write with some extra material to un-rant and try to essayize The Puppet Theater.

Amalgamating Factions

How does one go about uniting radical Obama fans, died-in-wool Bush fans, and hard-core Ron Paul fans? It’s really quite easy; just explain they are all being hoodwinked by the same sham. It’s like a person who got taken advantage of by a slick-talking used car salesman. They will defend what they bought because to do different would mean they would have to admit their stupidity to themselves. This same response seems to be universal with everyone who votes and is inevitably double-crossed on campaign promises.

In the political theater they will go on and on about what “their guy” would, should, or could have done but refuse to face inconvertible facts about what “their guy” is doing or has done. When pushed to answer for the actual facts they will resort to ad hominine attacks or attempt to have these embarrassing facts “Memory Holed”.

The Bush fans get all fired up over the new “assault weapons” ban Obama is trying to get passed. I’ll receive hallelujahs from Bushies when I state I’m also against this. I point out Obama is a liar because of promising our Montana Governor that our guns and the Second amendment were safe. These same people screaming liar will then deign Bush lied about the supposed WMD that lead to our invasion of Iraq. The Bush fans get all fired up about the Trillions of dollars Obama wants to spend on “Social Programs” but would just like to forget the trillions and trillions of tax dollars Bush and his “smaller government party” enslaved our children with.

The Obama fans go on and on about how Bush violated all kinds of our civil rights with the sacrilegiously named “PATRIOT ACT” but that very same act has to be in place to enable Obama’s “thought crime” legislation that could land you in jail if you happen to say something derogatory about gays, blacks, women or any other “protected group”. Just a few days ago Obama made arguments for “preemptive detentions” I can’t even imagine the level of outrage from the left if Bush would have done this, but since it originated with “their guy” most say nothing.

The powers that be know if they want to continue to grab more and more of our civil rights and don’t want the traditionally democrat supporters of these rights to revolt they need a Democrat puppet. If they don’t want to alienate the traditionally fiscally responsible republicans but they want to raise taxes, drive us further into debt or expand the bureaucracy they need a republican puppet. It reminds me of fans at a football game. If one team is penalized for unfair play the fans of the team which this violation occurred to will be up in arms yelling, cursing, and calling unfair. However if later in the game their team is penalized for the exact same infraction they say nothing. If there isn’t already a psychological term for this I’ll claim Selective Political Rectitude.

Most Americans are like prepubescent boys sitting in front of the boob-tube rooting for their favorite WWF wrestler. There is no difference between the two major parties. It’s a shell game, a means of control, a sham to give the population an illusion of freedom to control their destiny. There might be two puppets in the theater but they are being moved by the same master, with the singular purpose of destroying what little freedom we have left.

Third party supporters are only slightly better. Where they might see and laugh at the boys watching the wrestling knowing it’s fixed, they are still watching. They think if only we could get “our guy” in who won’t play by their rules everything would be alright. But they are still sitting brain-dead in front of the television watching the show and advertisements, buying the products being pushed and supporting the “sport”.

Voting for a president doesn’t make the Executive Puppet your child, you are not required to overlook their “indiscretions” saying something like “boys will be boys”. It’s never too late to admit you were tricked and do something about it.

As for myself I don’t watch the wrestling, and choose no ruler to place over me. I live my life by the very simple rule that I can do anything I want as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of another, and I demand no more than that from anyone else. I rule myself, which when translated into Greek means I’m an anarchist.


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