Too close to a nerve.

Two rants in as many days, you guys ready.

I shared my last post with a forum I sometimes frequent. This forum is a mixture of old hippies and christian conservatives that focuses on self-sufficiency. I had the original post deleted for “vulgarity” even though knowing some of the bible-thumpers I made sure to dash out the oh-so-horrible “F” word. (Here is my favorite “History-of-the-F-word”) I PMed the Admin that deleted the post and asked what was “vulgar”, after not hearing back, I removed the “stashing” from after cigar (and the “F”word) and re-posted it, explaining all traces of “vulgarity” were removed in the subject line. They deleted it again!

I’ve quit forums for less than less! The only reason I can come up with for them deleting it, especially the re-posting is the stupidity of voting I pointed out hit too close to home. Stop being sore losers and accept the fact that those idiot politicians you idiotically supported and considered part of the solution are part of the problem. Yea, I called everyone idiots (should have been FUCKING idiots) except myself and the other 12 anarchist out there (but we are growing stronger every decade!)

Oh and FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! [rimshot]



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