Die Bear Die!

I was going to wait till I got access to the pics to post about this but I’ll just add them later.

This is how I was awoken from my well hungover short nights sleep.


So I grab the AR and haul ass outside. The bitch had my goat trapped on top of the goat house and was trying to get up there too. Our poor Floppsy is the one without horns and was keeping her (the bear was female) at bay by wacking her with a hoof every time the bear tried to get up.

I was about 100yrds away and could only see the bear’s ass through a pair of feed stands. Floppsy was blocking the whole front of the bear. So I did what any real homesteader would have done and gave it a “Texas Heart Shot” aka shot it in the ass. Now I had the bears attention and it decided it wasn’t really in the mood for goat after all and hauled wounded ass directly away from me but she didn’t realize she was inside the 6′ chain link fenced goat pen. She tried to climb one of the trees that supports the fence and this made the neck shot really easy.

Now, I love bear meat but have never had spring bear and have heard it’s pretty rank. Not that I considered keeping this animal which would have been illegal, and I certainly didn’t call anyone I thought might have a extra bear tag which would also have been illegal.

I made like a good citizen and called the local game warden at home. I’d heard this guy was really fair and not like most game wardens. Ever since the whole “stuffed buck fiasco” I’ve had the same opinion of game wardens as Albert Soady from Escanaba if you know what I mean.

I had come into town, obliviously not to find someone who would want some bear meat because that would be illegal, but to meet the warden and make sure he got up to our place without getting lost.

The warden came up and said I was well within my rights to kill it and we loaded it in the back of his truck. I’m sure all that meat will be wasted, but I got the oh so good feeling of being a good little citizen and doing the right thing.

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