The Puppet Theater

I’m ashamed to share a country with you people. With very few exceptions Americans are fucking idiots. You morons are like pubescent boys sitting in front of the boob-tube rooting for your favorite WWF wrestler, not realizing it’s all a sham.

Obama promised to protect our civil rights; he even went as far as promising our Montana Governor that our guns and the Second amendment were safe. But, here we are with a new gun ban waiting to be passed. Before you lefties giggle and say gun rights don’t really count as civil rights think about this; just this week he’s also pushing ahead a plan to make it legal to prosecute “thought crimes” and waiving all kinds of constitutional protections with his “preemptive detentions” arguments. He might close Gitmo, but only after he’s made it safe for the government to perpetrate all the atrocities committed there, here and upon all of us. Oh, and let’s not forget about the fact he’s actually sending more troops off to war.

You Conservatives are no better, Bush wasn’t a pot smoking adulterer like his predecessor you might be thinking but he double crossed you at least as badly as the Cigar Stasher. The horribly misnamed “PATRIOT ACT” that he passed is in itself the worst thing to violate our Rights in almost a hundred years, but is also the basis for Obama’s “thought crime” legislation that could land you in jail if you happen to say something derogatory about gays, blacks, women or any other “protected group”. Notice how they don’t say minority anymore, this is because the only minority left is those few of us who aren’t in one of the protected groups. Oh, and let’s not forget the trillions of tax dollars he enslaved our children with, smaller government …….Right.

So here are the high points for the last two administrations. Our “smaller government” republican spent trillions more than his democratic predecessor, and our “civil rights” democrat is extending the bounds of the “PATRIOT ACT”. You people are marks! There is no difference between the two major parties. It’s a shell game, a means of control, a sham to give the population an illusion of freedom to control their destiny. There might be two puppets in the theater but they are being moved by the same master.

You Third party people are only slightly better. Where you might see and laugh at the boys watching the wrestling knowing it’s fixed you are still watching. You think if only we could get our guy in who won’t play by their rules everything would be alright. But you are still sitting brain-dead in front of the television watching the show and advertisements, buying the products being pushed and supporting the “sport”.

As for myself I don’t watch wrestling, and choose no ruler to place over me. I live my life by the very simple rule that I can do anything I want as long as it doesn’t infringe upon the rights of another, and I demand no more than that from anyone else. That’s why I’m an anarchist. (anarchos: having no ruler, from an- + archos ruler [Greek]. I rule myself


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  1. Nicely ranted.

  2. Anarchy is derived from Greek, not Latin. That aside, good form.

  3. Thanks Brian. I fix it in both posts.

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