Gulch heating efficiency results.

So we just skipped right over spring and got up to a summer like 86 degrees yesterday. We had a fire in the primary wood stove the night before and the morning temp in the house was 72 degrees. By 9AM the outside temp was 80 degrees and the sun was shinning bright all the rest of the day. The temp in the house peaked at 74 degrees in the SE room with 5 windows, the rest of the house stayed even cooler.

I couldn’t find the chart and guessed the eaves overhangs when I designed the house by checking the solar horizon elevation at the winter solstice and by memory of the summer solstice. We had excellent passive solar gain all winter and was a little worried about it getting too hot this summer. But, MAN, I nailed it!

The 3 inches of rigid insulation in the walls and roof are doing great for retaining heat and the 32 yards of concrete and around 200 logs are doing awesome for releasing the stored heat. I’ll still do the 8 tons of masonry work around the three wood stoves this summer mostly for the aesthetics but it will just make the house even more efficient.

Over the winter we burnt between 5 and 8 cords of wood(this was our only heat besides passive solar). We had no insulation (except on the roof) for the first part of winter, and only one layer (1.5″) for most of the winter, just finished the second layer about a month ago, and still have about 15% of the Sheetrock left to install. Even in the partially completed state of the house the lowest inside temp we had all winter was 53 degrees, and that happened when we had -17F outside and only part of the first layer of insulation installed.

We burned in the secondary stove less than 14 times and the tertiary stove only twice.

I’m guessing with the active in-floor AE heat and all the insulation in place we will burn between 2 and 4 cords next year. I’ll still have 10-12 cords ready though.

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  1. What is “AE heat”?

  2. So is your house “green” for green’s sake? The enviro-hippies should love you!

  3. Alternative Energy, meaning an energy dump from a micro-hydro, or windmill.

    The house is “green” because I didn’t want to pay the Elec. CO 10 grand to run a line and get a monthly fucking.

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