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Socialized medicine and debt.

I was just reading an article and watching the slide show showing the worlds fifteen largest debtor nations here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/30308959?slide=2

As I was looking at these global leaders of debt, I realized that every one of these nations, except us (#15) have been used by socialized medicine proponents as models of what they want here. I think there is a very revealing correlation between level of debt and socialized medicine.

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How Things Work

Yesterday I drove the 90 miles to our nearest large town building center. I pulled our heavy duty flatbed trailer since I had to pick up nearly two tons of decking and a bunch of dimensional lumber. This material will allow me to finish the final layer of roof on our backwoods house. Well actually it was purchased to end the parade of five gallon buckets around the house whenever snow melted or it rained. Most importantly it was purchased to end the near hysterical fits my wife had when the house developed impromptu roving waterfalls in random rooms. (more…)

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The Puppet Theater Tamed

This is a re-write with some extra material to un-rant and try to essayize The Puppet Theater.

Amalgamating Factions

How does one go about uniting radical Obama fans, died-in-wool Bush fans, and hard-core Ron Paul fans? It’s really quite easy; just explain they are all being hoodwinked by the same sham. It’s like a person who got taken advantage of by a slick-talking used car salesman. They will defend what they bought because to do different would mean they would have to admit their stupidity to themselves. This same response seems to be universal with everyone who votes and is inevitably double-crossed on campaign promises. (more…)

Die Bear Die!

I was going to wait till I got access to the pics to post about this but I’ll just add them later.

This is how I was awoken from my well hungover short nights sleep.

THERE’S A BEAR CHASING FLOPPSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (more…)

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Too close to a nerve.

Two rants in as many days, you guys ready.

I shared my last post with a forum I sometimes frequent. This forum is a mixture of old hippies and christian conservatives that focuses on self-sufficiency. I had the original post deleted for “vulgarity” even though knowing some of the bible-thumpers I made sure to dash out the oh-so-horrible “F” word. (Here is my favorite “History-of-the-F-word”) I PMed the Admin that deleted the post and asked what was “vulgar”, after not hearing back, I removed the “stashing” from after cigar (and the “F”word) and re-posted it, explaining all traces of “vulgarity” were removed in the subject line. They deleted it again!

I’ve quit forums for less than less! The only reason I can come up with for them deleting it, especially the re-posting is the stupidity of voting I pointed out hit too close to home. Stop being sore losers and accept the fact that those idiot politicians you idiotically supported and considered part of the solution are part of the problem. Yea, I called everyone idiots (should have been FUCKING idiots) except myself and the other 12 anarchist out there (but we are growing stronger every decade!)

Oh and FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! [rimshot]


The Puppet Theater

I’m ashamed to share a country with you people. With very few exceptions Americans are fucking idiots. You morons are like pubescent boys sitting in front of the boob-tube rooting for your favorite WWF wrestler, not realizing it’s all a sham. (more…)

Raised beds.

I started the raised beds yesterday and thought I’d share some pics. We will be digging out the deep bedding in the goat and chicken houses and mixing with some of our native sand. Hopefully the soil won’t be too “hot”. I plan on planting in a week or two.




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Gulch heating efficiency results.

So we just skipped right over spring and got up to a summer like 86 degrees yesterday. We had a fire in the primary wood stove the night before and the morning temp in the house was 72 degrees. By 9AM the outside temp was 80 degrees and the sun was shinning bright all the rest of the day. The temp in the house peaked at 74 degrees in the SE room with 5 windows, the rest of the house stayed even cooler. (more…)

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Long Long Winter

Yes I live in the Montana Rockies but this year it seems as though we’ve been cursed with the never ending winter. There’s a couple of inches of snow on the ground in the gulch right now. Like I told WR unlike last year when we got several feet on June first we’re getting the installment plan this year. We moved here from 7700 feet in the southern rockies and use to laugh about this. (more…)

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Well here we are again in the building season so here are some pics. I’ll try to get to my census, and gun rights rant I’m barely keeping bottled up soon. There is time to laugh at my buddy B who’s been trying to sell his property at 80% of it’s taxed value for the last year but was notified that his taxed value went up last year. The thin veil is slipping away.




I had some pics of the 130 seedlings but the ghost of my camera claimed them for its self.

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