How to make a Reuben.

Buy 25 pounds of cabbage and 10 ounces of salt.

Shred cabbage and mix thoroughly with the salt.

Crush into your crock. The salt will extract water from the cabbage. (Extra points for a heirloom ceramic Kraut crock)

Weigh cabbage down to keep out of the air.

Let stand 4-6 weeks.

Cook corned beef and slice.

Apply thousand island dressing to a quality rye bread, add corned beef, swiss cheese, and a generous portion of Kraut.

Grill with butter and serve.

I haven’t had real Kraut except once in Das Fatherland, and I never forget how good it was…..until mine matured a few days ago.

All I can say is if you’ve never had real kraut you haven’t lived. That vinegar-cabbage crap they sell as kraut in grocery stores is a sham.

P.S. Thanks for the family crock Joe.





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  1. I’m a little leery of ANY recipe that starts with “buy 25 pounds of” ANYTHING.

  2. Don’t be afraid to live large, honey.

  3. Did you corn the beef yourself too?

  4. I’m sure he’s “corned the beef” many times by himself, but what does that have to do with the sandwich?

  5. Are you sure you want to taste his corned beef?

  6. That looks pretty tasty.

  7. No, I didn’t corn that beef. Kirsten you are a dirty girl.

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