Of all the places….them, not my “compound”.

So, I saw a link coming from The Village Voice here today.

Here is what they had to say about me.

More believable and entertaining is one Montana Ice Weasel, who reveals that he went John Galt way back in 2005. “Boy, things have changed since the days of the lake front home, with 3 boats on our private dock, all the pocket money etc.. are gone but things are simpler now,” he said. “‘Starving the beast’ has actually become a lifestyle and a reason for many things including my quitting smoking, and restarting my home brewing.” He also informed readers that “The US government stopped reporting the M3 several years ago but I guarantee you there are a bunch of near-worthless FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) that have been held for that purpose only,” and “myself and several others who have been able to see several years ahead are now looking at ‘end game strategies.'”

How wonderful it would be if more rightbloggers had Ice Weasel’s old-school survivalist moxie and would join him at his compound! But for the most part, they’ve been telling other people that it’s their patriotic duty to go Galt.

Here is my reply:

Well, I was really shocked to see a link from here to my blog today. Firstly thanks for finding my blog entertaining, I do try. I wish you had included the whole point of my discussion of the M3. This would have required you to include the sentence prior to the one you quoted, where I was speaking of those dollars that are held by foreign countries and used only to purchase petroleum. This money has never been part of our domestic currency, but could cause massive inflation if petroleum purchasing policy changes. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that it was an honest mistake and you didn’t understand what I was talking about. I would hope you wouldn’t need to manipulate your quotes to make the sources look bad.
Before I step out and let you guys continue with your conservative smackdown. I think several points the author didn’t include about myself might interest you. I’m not a Republican, or a christian fundamentalist. Hell, I’m not even christian, nor a member of any political party.

All this backlash from the left about people quitting work is really funny. You folks don’t support slavery right I mean besides the involuntary servitude of the IRS, right?

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