Who do you serve?

For those of us who are fighting the system there are many adversaries that are obvious. Adversaries being those individuals or groups of individuals who’s existence is harmful to liberty as we know it.
The obvious ones are the local politician trying to push though a restrictive town ordinance, or even the meter maid slipping that ticket under your wiper as you read this. I make no distinction for the “Good German Defense”. The meter maid is just as culpable as the bastard who thought charging people to park on property that is supposedly (if only partially) theirs was good idea. The fault isn’t the charging of the money but the double charging. If the local authorities who are the custodians of the spaces are maintaining them with tax (read; stolen) monies there is no reason to charge. Most parking meter scams barely pay for the maintenance and personnel required make the system function. They are a make-work part of the ever growing army of bureaucrats………….

I got a little sidetracked and carried away there. But I did touch upon the topic I originally wanted; the ever growing army of bureaucrats and whether you are one of them or make your living only because of them.

I took another look at jobs receiving / supporting stole money after reading Guns, Gold, Secession by Karen De Coster CPA At LewRockwell and a short email exchange with her. I wrongly accused her of making a living because of the IRS’s policy of involuntary servitude. Mind you both CPAs I personally have know make 100% of their money because of taxes. But my projection was wrong and the data I’ve found suggests only 35-50% of CPAs income comes from DIRECT tax work. More importantly she claims to have not done tax work in years.

Where as I might have errored too strictly on that profession, I feel most don’t realize how many jobs exist only because of bureaucracy. I know I didn’t really think about how much environmental consulting work we did only because the businesses were required to get it done. When I first realized this I did (like Coster) claim I was just helping these businesses fight the government. But even though there might be a few degrees of separation the “Good German Defense” doesn’t negate responsibility here either.

Our society is rife with bureaucratic make-work jobs that are not only sucking the life our of our wallets but in many cases are filed with power hungry bastards that use their worthless positions to make life for the productive class more difficult.


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