How to make a Reuben.

Buy 25 pounds of cabbage and 10 ounces of salt.

Shred cabbage and mix thoroughly with the salt.

Crush into your crock. The salt will extract water from the cabbage. (Extra points for a heirloom ceramic Kraut crock)

Weigh cabbage down to keep out of the air. (more…)

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Four New Homesteaders

We had four new homesteaders join Goat’s Gulch yesterday and they are some of the cutest so far. I’m expecting three or four more today.




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Damn Lefties, Hippies, Pinkos, and New Yorkers!

That Village Voice guy calling my place a compound is really pissing me off the more I think about it. If I had happened to share his political ideology, and he ran across my blog I’m sure he would have called us something like a organic, free-range, sustainable, fair trade (I give the chickens grain, they give me eggs and we all feel it’s a fair trade) self-sufficient permaculture homestead. But no, since I don’t think Obama is the next Jesus Christ, or listen to The Dead or Phish or whatever so I have a compound. Just to set the record straight for anyone who wants to give my property a label from now on. It’s official name is Goat’s Gulch, we sometimes call it The Gulch, or The Homestead. I don’t have any artillery, armored vehicles, guard towers, or concertina wire. Fuck, it’s not even fenced or gated. (more…)

Of all the places….them, not my “compound”.

So, I saw a link coming from The Village Voice here today.

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Tea Party

Until recently the funnest thing I’d ran across relating to a tea party was This.

We (WR and I) have been invited to a private Tea Party on the fifteenth and are really looking forward to it.

Bob Beckel appeared on Fox News this morning to sneer at the nationwide event[Tea Parties]. He derided tax revolters in Montana, joking that “It was a good thing it wasn’t a vodka party, because I guarantee you they all had guns.”

Fucking A right, Bubba! You should bring that winning sense of humor on up and see what you won.

Keeping with the fun theme, I finished our taxes and we will be applying some of our refund to a bulk buy of these to hand out around here.


I would like to thank you all who are still paying taxes for your contribution for these. But, don’t worry this time it really is for the children!

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Who do you serve?

For those of us who are fighting the system there are many adversaries that are obvious. Adversaries being those individuals or groups of individuals who’s existence is harmful to liberty as we know it. (more…)