This is John Galt

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Atlas Shrugged is now one of the “Must Read” books in the nation, even Congresscritters are recommending reading it. My second Blog entry was entitled “Why I Shrugged” because well…………I did. The time I wrote of in that entry that inspired me to Shrug was 1998. It took me seven years to realize my plan but in 2005 we officially Shrugged. Boy, things have changed since the days of the lake front home, with 3 boats on our private dock, all the pocket money etc.. are gone but things are simpler now. “Starving the beast” has actually become a lifestyle and a reason for many things including my quitting smoking, and restarting my home brewing. It seems as though the masses are way behind as usual but it’s nice to see them getting their shit together so to say. Myself and several others who have been able to see several years ahead are now looking at “end game strategies”. I recently read something (I can’t remember where) about how nobody saw the fall of the USSR until just days before it happened. Mind you I lived through this time in history but I was more genitally oriented than politically, so I did some research about that time and place today. There are some scary parallels. Just as oil played a major part in the end of the USSR I see it being the final straw here also. Several years ago there was talk of a “Golden Dinar”; a gold backed currency from Saudi Arabia. If this is instituted it would end the era of every country needing to purchase oil in dollars and the need for foreign countries to hold them for this purpose. The US government stopped reporting the M3 several years ago but I guarantee you there are a bunch of near-worthless FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) that have been held for that purpose only. They will be coming home and will start us down The Zimbabwe Express………….enough rambling for today……………..


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  1. You are going Galt Level 5 by starving the beast. We need a big list of ideas for those who want to go Galt, but maybe go Galt light for now.

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