Snow snow go away.

Spring started last week right?




Luckily I got the library unpacked (except for 7 boxes) so even if we do get snowed in which will happen if we get more than a foot more snow it won’t be too rough.




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What if?

We lived in a time/place where this was possible?

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H.R. 1388 / Yet Another Twofer Day.

So who would vote against the G.I.V.E. Act? Everyone likes giving……..or at least receiving right. For badly named things this one ranks up there with our poor puppy “Lucky” who got ran over by a car while he was still a little baby, or that misnamed steaming pile of monkey shit The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act.

I have to wonder do would-be-tyrants start thinking about “civilian camps” after they have disarmament plans, or do they have disarmament plans because of thoughts about “civilian camps”?


SEC. 6104. DUTIES.

(b) Specific Topics- In carrying out its general purpose under subsection (a), the Commission shall address and analyze the following specific topics:

(5) The effect on the Nation, on those who serve, and on the families of those who serve, if all individuals in the United States were expected to perform national service or were required to perform a certain amount of national service.

(6) Whether a workable, fair, and reasonable mandatory service requirement for all able young people could be developed, and how such a requirement could be implemented in a manner that would strengthen the social fabric of the Nation and overcome civic challenges by bringing together people from diverse economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.

Let there be no confusion here even though (seriously) they started by calling these camps and only changed them to campuses after it was totally obvious these are nothing more than slave labor camps.

I would like to talk with the father of an old friend of mine who was a child in Hitler’s Germany. Five years ago he said “I’ve seen this before……….as a child” about the PATRIOT ACT. I wonder what he would say about this current load of enslaving crap.

One would hope a black man would be more cautious about the enslavement of others and this would never get pass the President’s desk.

“Arbeit Macht Frei”, (“work will set you free”). Quoted from the gates of Auschiwitz.

Hat tip to Mr. Bill!ng

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Done Wiring



You know for something that most people don’t even think about, wiring a house sure is a bunch of work. I ran 20 different branches and since we are already living in the house set outlets, switches and lights too. It’s finally done and tomorrow I can mount my two loaner solar electric panels, start installing the second layers of rigid insulation and sheet rocking every room as I go.

I’m really looking forward to this process. As each room is sheet rocked we will empty the boxes from that room that don’t belong there and move in the furniture that does. Some of these boxes were packed up in ’95 and we will be having the biggest Christmas of our lives reopening them. While we unpacked some of the kitchen boxes we ran across a box of garden seeds, probably around 40 packs. Sure some like the onions won’t be viable anymore but I’m excited to see what germination rates we get on the others.

The days are getting longer and the snow is quickly disappearing. Like the huge Douglas Fir by our house I can feel my sap rising and awakening from this lazy winter and preparing for another busy summer.

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An Open Letter to President Obama:


I shall come right to the point. Stop thinking you will be able to take our guns. I speak not only for myself as a common Montanan but also for all the Montana Peace Officers I’ve spoken to and also a goodly portion of our politicians.
If any regular guy up here in Montana tried to take our guns they would have had their dick knocked in the dirt already. That may not be an option for us literally, but we gave you Washington boys good and proper warning during the Heller case:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the undersigned members of the 60th Montana Legislature as follows:

1. That any form of “collective rights” holding by the Court in Heller will offend the Compact; and………4. Montana reserves all usual rights and remedies under historic contract law if its Compact should be violated by any “collective rights” holding in Heller.

That was just a shot across the bow so to say. We are ready to do what is necessary as you can see by this current piece of legislation.

(21) That any act by the Congress of the United States, Executive Order of the President of the United States, or Judicial Order of the United States that assumes a power not delegated by the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights diminishing the liberty of this state or its citizens constitutes a nullification of the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights by the government of the United States, which would also breach Montana’s “Compact With the United States”. Acts that would cause a nullification and a breach include but are not limited to:

(a) establishing martial law or a state of emergency within a state without the consent of the legislature of that state;

(b) requiring involuntary servitude or governmental service other than a draft during a declared war or pursuant to or as an alternative to incarceration after due process of law;

(c) requiring involuntary servitude or governmental service of persons under the age of 18 other than pursuant to or as an alternative to incarceration after due process of law;

(d) surrendering any power delegated or not delegated to any corporation or foreign government;

(e) any act regarding religion, further limitations on freedom of political speech, or further limitations on freedom of the press; or

(f) any act regarding the right to keep and bear arms or further limitations on the right to bear arms, including any restrictions on the type or number of firearms or the amount or type of ammunition any law-abiding citizen may purchase, own, or possess.

(22) That if any act of Congress becomes law or if an Executive Order or Judicial Order is put into force related to the reservations expressed in this resolution, Montana’s “Compact With the United States” is breached and all powers previously delegated to the United States by the federal Constitution and Bill of Rights revert to the states individually.

(23) That any future government of the United States shall require ratification of three-fourths of the states seeking to form a government and shall not be binding upon any state not seeking to form a government.

These “fiendish tools of baby murderers” or whatever your spin guys might be labeling them are some of my favorite possessions. Many are family heirlooms going back five generations. A surprising number have actually seen blood spilt in service of this country’s freedom. Those that have seen foreign shores aren’t, nor were they ever, built to hunt ducks or elk. Their purpose is to kill those that would try to take our freedom. I will press them into that service once again before I would see them destroyed and with them mine and my children’s last guarantee of liberty.

You and your predecessors have been pulling assets out of our state for a while including the Helena ATF and IRS offices. I heard the Federal Reserve branch in Helena is closing and they have already moved any hard reserves they might have had elsewhere. This is a wise course of action. Hopefully your guys have a plan for all the ICBMs. I guess we could argue that we are entitled to having a few left here as our share but I can’t see you guys agreeing to that and it’s a small price to pay for our liberty.

We will not hand over our means of self-preservation as the Jews of Hitler’s Germany did or the dissidents of Stalin’s Russia or the intellectuals of Pol Pot’s Cambodia and wait to suffer their same fate.

This is John Galt

I was pleasantly surprised to read that Atlas Shrugged is now one of the “Must Read” books in the nation, even Congresscritters are recommending reading it. My second Blog entry was entitled “Why I Shrugged” because well…………I did. The time I wrote of in that entry that inspired me to Shrug was 1998. It took me seven years to realize my plan but in 2005 we officially Shrugged. Boy, things have changed since the days of the lake front home, with 3 boats on our private dock, all the pocket money etc.. are gone but things are simpler now. “Starving the beast” has actually become a lifestyle and a reason for many things including my quitting smoking, and restarting my home brewing. It seems as though the masses are way behind as usual but it’s nice to see them getting their shit together so to say. Myself and several others who have been able to see several years ahead are now looking at “end game strategies”. I recently read something (I can’t remember where) about how nobody saw the fall of the USSR until just days before it happened. Mind you I lived through this time in history but I was more genitally oriented than politically, so I did some research about that time and place today. There are some scary parallels. Just as oil played a major part in the end of the USSR I see it being the final straw here also. Several years ago there was talk of a “Golden Dinar”; a gold backed currency from Saudi Arabia. If this is instituted it would end the era of every country needing to purchase oil in dollars and the need for foreign countries to hold them for this purpose. The US government stopped reporting the M3 several years ago but I guarantee you there are a bunch of near-worthless FRN’s (Federal Reserve Notes) that have been held for that purpose only. They will be coming home and will start us down The Zimbabwe Express………….enough rambling for today……………..

Best movie I’ve seen in a long while

I’m one of those weird people who likes dramas. Four out of my top five currently favorite movies are dramas. A couple of days ago I ran across We Don’t Live Here Any More while looking up clips of some of my more obscure favorite movies. I watched it the other night………late…. late because I knew it would be inappropriate for the kids and unfortunately the Lil’ Lady doesn’t like any movie that doesn’t have a Disney-esque ending. This has to be the best movie I’ve seen since The Lives of Others (#3 on the list) and the most disturbing since Fight Club(still at #5). This movie is a dark and honest look at infidelity, the lengths some people will go to to escape the monotony of the status quo, and the lengths some will go to preserve the same status quo. This movie was able to do something no other movie has ever done. I was actually laughing and crying at the same time. I’m not talking about one immediately following the other but really at the same time. These weren’t tears of mirth, no this part was so sad yet so sad I couldn’t help laughing. I coined the phrase emotional responsibility paradigm after watching this.

The non-drama outlier on my current list is the unrated version of Eurotrip for those who were wondering.


The wiring is almost done, I have only 3 runs left and we hung 12 sheets of drywall yesterday. We haven’t received any real snow since December until a few days ago but have been picking up a few inches per day for the last couple of days.

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