Marking Time

I had an old friend once who said a person can mark points in their lives by the bad habits they quit.

I spent the last week at home not leaving even once. There were two reasons for this. Firstly, I have some people coming to visit around the twentieth and several have offered to help sheet rock…..Which would require me to be ready to hang some more sheet rock. Meaning I need to finish up the wiring and second layer of rigid insulation inside the stud walls. The second reason being I decided to take a break from booze and the only place I ever really went to in town was the bar which has free wi-fi.

I’m back in town tonight, and will soon partake of a nice cold beer. I was beginning to get a little bit scared of my sobriety.

I was never really big on drugs even in college. I quit caffeine almost ten years ago, and soft drinks shortly after that. I quit smoking on New Years, and last weeks spin on the wagon almost did it….I could feel my ascension, it was that close. I have to dirty my life up a little bit. I really want to see this house completed at least. If we could get good reasonably priced shellfish reliably up here every Friday I guess I would take that path, both “DB” and Jacques swear that’s a sin.

Over the course of last week I finished all the appliances and wiring in the kitchen, bath, and utility room. I finished the Breakfast Bar, linen closet, vented battery box and got all the alternative energy equipment moved into their permanent places in the utility room. The ol’ Homelite Genny is about done…….well at least due for a vacation. It’s burning a lot of oil and is producing only 7 Amps. I really can’t complain it has run thousands of hours for us and it was used when we got it. I purchased an old Coleman maxa unit with a 8 horse Tecumseh today for $100 and will install it tomorrow and see how close it gets to it’s spec rating of 33 Amps.

Here are some pics for you all.








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  1. Looking good, p. Impressive how it’s starting to look more like a home and less like a glorified storage shed in there. Can’t wait to see it in two weeks!

  2. It is looking absolutely wonderful!

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