High Crimes and Treason……Low Crimes and Misdemeanors?

So the whole category of ethics has really sparked my interest lately. I always thought that it was pretty cut and dry. But recently a couple of incidents have show me in the “lesser crimes” categories there are large differences of opinion. Drunken dialing (not on a regular basis) in my opinion is just one of those things friends will do occasionally. Sending a friend homosexual pornography is one thing that almost makes me utter the words “There should be a law.” However, I have a friend “Etiwanda” who believes the moral stand point on these two are reversed.

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  1. I don’t necessarily think they’re reversed. More like on par with each other- mainly just annoying but I think both can be elevated to an unacceptable level.

  2. However, I will note that in the real-life circumstances in question, the gay porn was easy to avoid whereas the drunk-dialing was not. In that respect, yes, perhaps the ethical values are reversed.

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