Yea, I’m a slacker.

But E, you have no room to talk.

So, I once again forgot to take pictures, and since I’ve been getting to town and therefore the net about once a week I’m a lil’ behind.

So in “the news”:
I quit smoking on Dec 31
It hasn’t stopped fucking snow in almost a month.
The Kaiser has led to me coining at least 3 original cuss words.
The kitchen sink is installed and functional.
The breakfast bar is drying out so I can sand and install it.
The lil’ lady is on the wagon.
The Spawn are still trying to out do each other with their home schooling.
The lows have been down in the Thirties (above) [que Irving Berlin. We’re having a heat wave]
The Gad damned elk have finally decided to come down the mountain and through The Gulch.
The Town has decided since I’m plowing the Gulch road they really don’t have to…this will be fixed soon.
D is “ill” and will be returning to “Big Sky Country” so I will finally be able to meet I’s better half.
K weathered the subzero weather very very well.

This post powered by ethanol.

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  1. Yes, but I have a full-time job. And I wasn’t foolish enough to promise pictures of anything.

    What, you think if you don’t post anything, we’ll all just come out to visit to see for ourselves?

  2. Also, what the hell does “que Irving Berlin” mean? Were you aiming for Spanish, or did you mean “queue?”

  3. Also, what the hell does “que Irving Berlin” mean? Were you aiming for Spanish, or did you mean “queue?”

  4. Que?


  5. Actually, I think he meant “cue”, which is frequently confused with “queue” these days.[/oldster remarks]

    P, did you really think we needed to be told your post was “fueled by ethanol”?

  6. Good point, Sunni. I think he’d be better off telling us when he’s NOT fueled by ethanol.

  7. Because [cue another song] that would be indicative of the end of the world as we know it, right?

  8. Not ploughing, eh? How’s that gonna get fixed? Are you sending them a bill?

  9. Sunni, this is the problem of having your best wifi spot selling alcohol. K, I have the plow and can make a huge berm in their turn if I want.

  10. Heh, I can think of a few easy means of solving that “problem”.

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