Christmas quota met.

So for Christmas I vowed to have the hot water on line so the Lil’ Lady could have a nice hot bath. I finished that a couple of days ago to the delight of all Gulch members.

I’ve got the kitchen cabinets laid out and will build the risers in the next few days. The cabinets were supposed to be an easy task but because we ended up with a 60″ sink base that was on sale for half what a 48″ would have cost us the whole plan got thrashed. I now need to run the stove gas line through the riser for about 16 feet since I had to relocate the stove to the far side of kitchen counter. As K would say I’m now shooting for a “stretch goal” of getting the kitchen done before Christmas.

I’ll try to get some pictures up in the next few days.
Other news:
The Spawn scouted and cut our tree about a week ago, and it looks really nice in the living room. The weather finally warmed up, in town we getting highs below zero. Luckily the Gulch is averaging 10-15 warmer during these cold snaps. I have hope for getting some grapes, and maybe even a cherry tree growing up there this summer.

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