This Bonus Post brought to You Because of C. Botulinum.

We own the largest non-commercial pressure canner on the market, take a look at the pic above if you don’t believe me. This canner can handle all of one deer if you don’t try to can all your trimmings, in which case it takes two runs. Now that pesky bane of food preservation C. botulinum requires 90 minutes at above boiling point temperatures to be surely killed. So when you have to run twice you require 3 hours of “at temp” (jiggeler jiggeling) time, in addition to about 1.25 hours of cool down, and 1 hour of prep. So I’m stuck in town tonight and I swear I found the end of the internet, at least the non-booby parts worth reading. So I figured I’ll get one more post up to help make it up to those 4 or 5 dedicated but foolish people who check here everyday full of hope.

I had planned on have a lot more of my political ramblings and rants on here but because of the house I haven’t had the time…………oooh, but not tonight.

Those who read this blog just to look at the cute animals, picturesque rockies, to see a log post and pole house built, or like to think of me as some sort of “back to the earth”, or era challenged mountain man kind of guy had best stop reading right now. I’m going to talk politics, and this isn’t going to be a Obama “Yes We Can”, Bushy “Stay the Course”, McCain “Fill in the Blank”, or even a Paul revolution flavor most of America has heard.


This isn’t an original thought to me. I believe Spooner was the first to publish this thought, but I could be wrong. A friend of mine who just joined the ranks of us Shruggers a la Atlas Shrugged just said it last week.

“How many men?” Is the strongest argument I’ve heard to support this. It goes something like this: A man stealing a car, is theft and as such most people would regard it as unethical. So a gang of five men steal the same car isn’t this also theft? How about ten men who take a vote (allowing the victim to vote as well) on whether to steal the car before stealing it? A gang of twenty men who not only take votes but have specialization of labor? One hundred men who take the car and give the victim back a bicycle? Two hundred men who not only give the victim back a bicycle but buy a poor person a bicycle as well? How about every one in your county votes to steal all cars worth more than $30,000 sell them and use the proceeds to give “free” health care to all people who make less than $12,000/year? How big does a group needs to be, and what characteristics does it need to have, before the immorality of theft becomes the alleged morality of taxation?

The damn socialist retards like one named Lights I sparred with a lot in the past like to say: “Taxation is a payment for services rendered.” But lets really look at this. I (my wife and I) home school our kids, so we receive none of this (dis)service, so I should be able to go down to the accessors office and have that part of my tax bill removed, right? Ha! That would be the day. Or, where we are at the Fire department won’t even try to respond, so I should likewise not be charged for that. Or, one I have actually tried this with; our local tax bill includes $122 for the dump. We recycle, compost, feed to the chickens, or burn 99.99999% of our trash, Alkaline batteries and aerosol cans are the only trash I can think of we actually take out of the gulch, which incidentally we dispose of at the gas station. I explained this to the fat bureaucrat living off stolen money and she basically told me to piss up a rope.

Those same socialists like to point to some imaginary document called a “Social Contract” as justification for taxes. If this thing actually exists, when was it penned, when did I sign it, and where does it say that the worthless parasites of society have a claim upon my production?


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  1. I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.

  2. Speaking of fire departments, I seem to recall reading once – perhaps in Backwoods Home, maybe – about way-out, off-grid folks having a fire fighting plan beyond just keeping some fire extinguishers. Do you guys have anything like that and are you in a forest fire prone area?

  3. Being a retired wildland Firefighter I have first hand experience in this. Yes, we have a plan. Our water system has an independent from the house pressurized high volume source, that is also wildland fireproofed. Next year I will plumb a 4″ connection for “brush trucks” The area downhill from the house is cleared of all vegetation for a minimum of 100 feet, and cleared of all trees for a distance of 200 feet. Above the house it is cleared for 100′. Someday I foresee us having a private engine for The Gulch. As for a structure fire, we have many class A and ABC extinguishers, and a “frost free hydrant” in the green house.

  4. I should have known you had something. Is there anything you hadn’t thought of?

  5. A way to accelerate growth of a clone of myself to get it all done quicker.

  6. Hey, that is a very good rant!
    I think you need to submit it to MamaLiberty, and also maybe StriketheRoot.
    It made me smile.

  7. I’m not being modest…….I’m not sure I ever have been. But, I think many people have said what I said even better.

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