Ready For Winter / Putting Up Meat

First off, I finally finished insulating the house and got ice guard felt on all the joints on the roof. I won’t have time to install the tin till spring but it doesn’t really matter.

The last few days have been beautiful, and I took advantage of the warm weather to do the tons of vehicle maintenance I’ve been forced to put off to get the house done. We were actually down to one running vehicle, and the snow plow which was nowhere near ready for the work ahead of it. Yesterday I got the Willy’s clutch linkage reworked, enough to last till spring when I’ll have time to drop the tranny again and see what the hell is going on. I got the ‘burban back on the road and I rebuilt all 6 of the mounting points for the plow.

Today we butchered the lil’ fork horn mulie we killed on opening day. I’ve never hung meat as long as this before, but we didn’t lose any to souring or blow flies and it smelled good enough to make me drool as we were cutting. This evening we came down the mountain to our friend’s house to can it. I’m sure we could have done it on the wood cook stove but had other things to do in town as well. This year we did something different as well. In the past we have fed all of our trimming to the coyotes but this year we canned them up to feed our dogs over winter. I have always felt bad about the waste since I’m such a perfectionist we would end up with near 20% hang weight in trimmings. The chickens are almost done picking the rib cage clean. The dogs both got a leg bone and have two more waiting. The only thing we are dumping this year is the hide (not enough time this time) the skull and the part of the neck where it was shot. Over all I’m very happy with how little waste we had this year. Now we only need to get into the elk.

Here are some pics of the field to pantry process.










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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of great-looking meat.

  2. I hear that all the time, but it never gets old.

  3. Next weekend I start making the jerky for the year. And turning the last of last year’s soup-bones into stock and then glace viande. Which stores well and makes yummy Phở later.

  4. Pho? Do tell more. We also saved one half of one loin to jerk.

  5. Pho is vietnamese beef soup. Take consomme (I reconstitute it out of the glace), add some “asian” spices (I’ve got a supplier for pho tea-bags), and pour it over rice noodles, thinly sliced flank or other cheap cuts, and bits and pieces of veggies, and eat after couple minutes of cooking in the bowl. Nearly instant soup, and it makes me a happy boy. My Hmong neighbor said “Not Bad.” last batch I made, so I think this tree I’m barking up might have a coon….

  6. And yeah, I love dogs, but damnit, I’m the biggest dog, so I get first crack at the bones for making stock. I happen to make soup out of ’em and when I’m done, the canines get what’s left.


  7. Hi guys, Jada wants to know how the lope is?

  8. Poker soon? We are ready for you to take some of money!

  9. Hey Kelly! How did you find me? Sure come on by and I’m pull out the new card table………and snacks even.

    Lope is no more, I had to put the poor girl down almost a year ago. Her yeast infections in her ears spread to the point of being systematic body yeast infections and nothing us or the vet did helped.

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