It’s good to be home.

I had to go down to my former state and just returned.  I would say what necessitated my trip is a fair bellwether of the economy.  Both of my relatives who have second homes are selling one each.  This did translate into a huge windfall for us however.  I got the pick of the furniture in both of those houses.  Those who have visited us know we have never had really nice furniture, except for a couple of Ethan Allen pieces.  Our sofas, and living room chairs have always been old hand-me-downs, which we always milked the last little bit of life out of.  The old green one was not only embarrassing to look at, but it had this quirk caused by some broken braces which caused any two people sitting on it to be closer than any lovers, whether they wanted to be or not.  But anyways, we got both of the still existing bedroom sets from my great grandparents, they are both from the 1800,and one is Cherry wood, and the other Walnut.  We also got my grandma’s leather living room set, and beautiful antique carved oak curio cabinet, and the rest of our oak bedroom set. The family paid for a 26′ moving van and trailer to haul everything back, which allowed me to finally get the last 10 boxes of my books and 1300# of rough rock.  And the cherry to top it all off, my father-in-law gave me “The Kaiser”; a 1971 CJ5 WITH A WESTERN SNOWPLOW!! so I don’t need to worry about mounting my Meyer.

Anyways back to the title, I was only gone four days but I’m so happy to be home.  The town I went to has less than 100K people, but they all were rude assholes who didn’t know how to drive, save the few old friends I still have there, who need to be rescued.

On the building front, before I left I got the pantry and shelves for it built, and the stair going up to the loft. I was also able to insulate 90% of the roof and 90% of the interior walls. I’ll get some pic up soon.

Also, for the first time in my adult life I didn’t vote. The reasons for which I refused to vote stem from the fact I can no longer support this system of coercion via Mob rule. My good friend K really spelled it out as clearly as anyone since Spooner, here

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