A good seasons work.

Here is where we were at this spring:


And from a few months ago:


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Whole pictures.

K has shown me how to set widths. So, from now on you all get to see all of the pics, and as time permits I’ll go through the old ones and fix them.

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The Five Boxes

The old saying goes “there are four boxes protecting our liberty.” Most people have heard this and even believe in it.

The first box, the Soap Box (meaning to verbally stand up for your point of view and try to convince others of your point’s validity), is used all the time, quite well by some. It could be writing Letters to the Editor, talking with friends and acquaintances over coffee or beer, or adding to the wealth of information on the wonder of the internet. It’s great to bring more people “into the fold” but there comes a time when anyone who is serious about staying free needs to do something more.

The second box is the Ballot Box. I and many of my friends gave up on this one a long time ago. To vote is to give validity to a flawed system. Yes, flawed. Democracy, which incidentally this country was never meant to be, is nothing but organized mob-rule.

Here is an example. Mr. Jones down the street wins the lottery, but is a chintzy miser and the other 11 people on the block hate him for it. So they decide to use democracy to settle the issue. They will be fair and even let Mr. Jones vote on what they have in mind. The first issue they have is that Mr. Jones won’t share his private water park with them. Well they all vote, and lo and behold it’s 11 for and 1 against publicizing. The second issue is that he has all this money, but even on that block some families are having problems paying the rent. A vote is put forth and once again it’s 11 for and 1 against levying a twenty percent tax on Mr. Jones.

This, you say, is ridiculous. We have property rights. This country was founded on the principle that people could be secure in their possessions. Socialism has always failed because if people can’t keep what they produce they stop producing. Changing the numbers doesn’t change the facts, it could be the twelve people who live on that block or the 900 who live in your town, or the 1,000,000 who live in your state, but it’s still theft. Democracy is actually counterproductive to freedom.

The third box is the Jury Box. When this country was founded, the people who decided the fate of a person on trial judged not only the facts of the case but also the validity of the law. The Jury still has this right, but the judges won’t allow them to be told this in court. Many times in the history of this country the people have wielded this power effectively against the government. Jurors stopped the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and freed tax protesters during the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. Juries refused to convict under the Fugitive Slave Act in 1850 and during Prohibition (1920-30). Vietnam objectors (1960-1970), tax protesters, and medical marijuana users are just a few more examples. Even though the defendants in these cases were clearly guilty of breaking the law, the jurors felt the law itself was wrong and refused to return a guilty verdict.

This is a powerful tool to fight injustice and tyranny in this country, and as such, the government has already taken steps to neutralize it. Not only have they forbidden parties to tell this to jurors in the court room, they have set up “special” courts for types cases they know the people would be sympathetic to. Tax court and military tribunals are two examples. I fully expect to see a Fish and Game Court within the next 10 years also. This box is so important (even with the shackles it’s been set with), and the bulk of information is so vast I can’t do it justice here. I highly recommend anyone reading this to check out the Fully Informed Jury Association.

The fourth box, generally thought to be the last box, is the Cartridge Box. Yup, bullets. The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting or shooting sporting clays. It’s the guarantee that if the government violates all our other rights we have a chance to get them respected again.

As I type this, there is a bill sitting in the House of Representatives that will renew the 1993 Assault Weapons Ban. They have made some changes, too. Unlike the last time where only manufacture was banned, they have added transfer and possession. Let me make this clear. If they pass this the government will try to take our guns, and with them, our last check and balance to fight for our rights, freedom and liberty. When this country was living under the tyranny of King George we pleaded to have our problems heard and fixed by the British Government. But like all governments as long as we kept paying our taxes they didn’t care.

I hope it never comes to armed resistance and what would most definitely lead to another civil war. That’s why I have added a fifth box to the classic four. The Strong Box. This government lives- no, thrives- on taxes. Some estimates of our total tax burden is near 90% when including hidden taxes (hunting licenses), compounding taxes (taxes producers have to incorporate into the cost of their products which are then taxed again, and again down the supply chain), and regulatory costs(placating the EPA,FDA,ATF…). If we cut off the funding of the government it will eventually have to shrink to a manageable size.

There are two ways to “starve the beast” the first is most commonly called shrugging. The term shrugging is from Ayn Rand’s masterpiece Atlas Shrugged. In that book the businessmen and women just quit. Like the mythological Atlas who had to carry the world, they saw themselves as the bearers of the economy which fed a government that was evil and decided they had had enough and shrugged. I have done this. Several of my friends have done this. I’ve seen more people in the last year shrug than in all of the last five combined.

The other tactic is what I call draining. Draining is basically making it so it’s not cost effective for the government to enforce the plethora of petty laws. This has two distinct advantages; it forces the government to either lose money, lose their petty laws, or both. I just spent 3 years doing this locally. The law is still on the books but it cost the local government between $800 and $2000 to keep it there and only cost me a total of $100. If only 10% of the population did this the system would come crashing down in less than a month. If you have found yourself agreeing with any of this allow me to play Tyler Durdin. Your homework assignment is to go out and break a petty law. Nothing but a stupid victimless crime. Something like, driving up next to a parked cop, opening your car door and screaming “hey I ain’t wearing a seatbelt, what are you going to do about it?” I’ll leave it at your discretion whether or not to throw a “pig” or two in there. Then go to court, demand a jury trial, if you qualify demand a “free” lawyer, if it’s not dismissed, appeal, appeal, appeal. Make it so the government can’t afford to harass us.

It’s obvious that the government is trying to neutralize the first four boxes of our protection. They have been waging a war against our freedom. It’s time for people to realize this, and make an attempt to salvage what we can.

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Goat case II

I forgot to post some of the highlights of this battle.

How the Grinch stole the Christmas pony
By John Galt

Every dude down in P-burg liked animals a lot, but the Grinch who lived just north of Broadway did not.

The Grinch hated animals, like they were all guilty of treason. Please don’t ask why, no one quite knew the reason.

Perhaps his pants were too tight, or his head wasn’t screwed on just right.

It could even be his ego required more people to bow. But what ever the reason, he stood at his door hating that cow.

With a sour cranky frown. He declared “somebody must change this town.

My time to move is practically here. I must find a way to get the animals not so near.

For soon I know the realtors will come by ones and twos. But the moos moos moos, the one thing that will lower my price the most are the moos.

Oh these beasts I can’t stand in the least.

For 65 years I’ve put up with animals and now this darn cow. I must get rid of them but how?”

Then he got an idea, an awful idea, a wonderful, sneaky, awful idea appeared with a gleeful ha ha, “I know just what to do, I will make a new law”.

My neighbor will vote with me any day, if I tell him it’s the government way.

The barber will be harder seeing as the family owns a bay, but him I can sway.

He chuckled and clucked, with this law and my sneaky plan. I will make P-burg just like Bozeman.

Jackie Butler’s pet cow will need to go, then the arrogant goats owners I know.

Even with the new law I’ll need a reason that is phony, to take the little Comings girl’s Christmas pony.

Then with my next law I will make the plot thicken, when I take the sheriffs chickens.

It will require some finesse but Vietors steers will become less.

I’ve already done away with the hogs, very soon I’ll be able to get all the dogs.

Cats and hamsters and birds too, yes that’s what I’ll do.

And then something will need to be done about all these loud kids, if I trapped and sold them how would I solicit bids.

And the more the Grinch thought about all he planned to do, the less he cared if it was greeted by a boo, or a boo hoo hoo.

The good people of P-burg need to look at what the Grinch took, when that stupid law was added to the book.

May 2, 2007

Response to Notice to Abate Nuisance

TO: Stephen Immenschuh, Sheriff
Box 188
Philipsburg, Montana 59858

I received your letter and would like a chance to respond. I realize you are a busy man and would probably prefer to spend your time on more important issues than this, but I realize your priorities are sometimes shuffled by political pressures in the community.

It is my assertion that my chickens are out of town limits while they range on private property, and since there isn’t even a “Town Limits” sign on Broadway near where the supposed infractions have occurred. I feel it would be in the towns best interest to have a State certified surveyor determine the exact boundary. The town attorney would need to document this as well if he chooses to push forward with this petty frivolous matter.

Until we have an exact boundary determined I have spoken harshly to my flock and told them not to wander too far to the East. All but one have said they would do their best to comply. The lone dissenter was my Big Cock who said old fat joggers should be less busy-body guinea hens, mind their own clucking business, and let simple honest folk pursue their own lives.

The end of the Goat Case.

It must have been back in 2004, a friend was moving out of the area, and gave me 3 goats and around he a dozen chickens along with the sheds/coops and even fencing. Around this same time a peckerhead councilman here was pissed off at his neighbor for not hauling off their cow manure. Now, anyone else in town (if they had a problem like this) would have complained to the sheriff and the offending party might have been charged with the “Nuisance Ordnance” if there was a valid grievance. I said anyone else, but this lowlife politician figured he wasn’t just an average subject…I mean citizen, he had super-bureaucratic powers and decided it was his god given mission to rid the town of all livestock. Except of course the sheriff’s chickens, the other councilman’s horse, an old ranching families cows, a business owner’s daughter’s pony………………….Well, these kind of petty laws don’t sit well with me to begin with, and if you add some selective enforcement I get really really pissed off. They tried to sneak this crap by the public by using the title “penning ordinance” instead of “Ban of all Livestock” and provided no notice of the text of the document. So during the adoption process I put this sign up.

Whoo hoo, that pissed off the councilman and he tried to get the sheriff to charge me with harassment, but of course there was no case. They did however pass the ordinance even though there was a huge amount of opposition to it. I don’t think anyone spoke in favor of it. Mind you these are the same idiots who think a town with 300 sewer hookups can afford a 10 million dollar sewer plant, and using that same level of intelligence they charged only myself and one other person (out of at least 5 people) who were “in violation” of the new ordinance.

Fast forward several years through 5 Motions to Dismiss, one trial, and countless appearances in two courts.

Today it, well part of it ended. In exchange for me not going to the second trial, and if necessary appealing to the State Supreme Court………..in which we (my lawyer friend and I) had a sure case….
The original trial took place in Justice Court, using a complaint from District Court which that court dismissed for lack of jurisdiction……

I took a plea. It was too sweet not to.

I will pay a grand total of $100, which will be divided as such:
$100 applied to the $210 in court costs, in other words the Town will need to pony up an additional $110 for the court, in addition to the money they have paid their attorney, the money they have paid to the surveyor, the money they have paid witnesses, and I’m sure other costs.

The really fun part is over winter I will be working to get a referendum on the ballot to repeal that bullshit law, and two others those bastards cherish.

The finial score:

Me: -$100
Town Hall: At least -$800
So even if there is a misdemeanor conviction on my record, in the starving the beast arena I whooped their asses.

Who ever said you can’t fight town hall, wasn’t as doggedly determined as myself.

This Bonus Post brought to You Because of C. Botulinum.

We own the largest non-commercial pressure canner on the market, take a look at the pic above if you don’t believe me. This canner can handle all of one deer if you don’t try to can all your trimmings, in which case it takes two runs. Now that pesky bane of food preservation C. botulinum requires 90 minutes at above boiling point temperatures to be surely killed. So when you have to run twice you require 3 hours of “at temp” (jiggeler jiggeling) time, in addition to about 1.25 hours of cool down, and 1 hour of prep. So I’m stuck in town tonight and I swear I found the end of the internet, at least the non-booby parts worth reading. So I figured I’ll get one more post up to help make it up to those 4 or 5 dedicated but foolish people who check here everyday full of hope.

I had planned on have a lot more of my political ramblings and rants on here but because of the house I haven’t had the time…………oooh, but not tonight.

Those who read this blog just to look at the cute animals, picturesque rockies, to see a log post and pole house built, or like to think of me as some sort of “back to the earth”, or era challenged mountain man kind of guy had best stop reading right now. I’m going to talk politics, and this isn’t going to be a Obama “Yes We Can”, Bushy “Stay the Course”, McCain “Fill in the Blank”, or even a Paul revolution flavor most of America has heard.


This isn’t an original thought to me. I believe Spooner was the first to publish this thought, but I could be wrong. A friend of mine who just joined the ranks of us Shruggers a la Atlas Shrugged just said it last week.

“How many men?” Is the strongest argument I’ve heard to support this. It goes something like this: A man stealing a car, is theft and as such most people would regard it as unethical. So a gang of five men steal the same car isn’t this also theft? How about ten men who take a vote (allowing the victim to vote as well) on whether to steal the car before stealing it? A gang of twenty men who not only take votes but have specialization of labor? One hundred men who take the car and give the victim back a bicycle? Two hundred men who not only give the victim back a bicycle but buy a poor person a bicycle as well? How about every one in your county votes to steal all cars worth more than $30,000 sell them and use the proceeds to give “free” health care to all people who make less than $12,000/year? How big does a group needs to be, and what characteristics does it need to have, before the immorality of theft becomes the alleged morality of taxation?

The damn socialist retards like one named Lights I sparred with a lot in the past like to say: “Taxation is a payment for services rendered.” But lets really look at this. I (my wife and I) home school our kids, so we receive none of this (dis)service, so I should be able to go down to the accessors office and have that part of my tax bill removed, right? Ha! That would be the day. Or, where we are at the Fire department won’t even try to respond, so I should likewise not be charged for that. Or, one I have actually tried this with; our local tax bill includes $122 for the dump. We recycle, compost, feed to the chickens, or burn 99.99999% of our trash, Alkaline batteries and aerosol cans are the only trash I can think of we actually take out of the gulch, which incidentally we dispose of at the gas station. I explained this to the fat bureaucrat living off stolen money and she basically told me to piss up a rope.

Those same socialists like to point to some imaginary document called a “Social Contract” as justification for taxes. If this thing actually exists, when was it penned, when did I sign it, and where does it say that the worthless parasites of society have a claim upon my production?

Ready For Winter / Putting Up Meat

First off, I finally finished insulating the house and got ice guard felt on all the joints on the roof. I won’t have time to install the tin till spring but it doesn’t really matter.

The last few days have been beautiful, and I took advantage of the warm weather to do the tons of vehicle maintenance I’ve been forced to put off to get the house done. We were actually down to one running vehicle, and the snow plow which was nowhere near ready for the work ahead of it. Yesterday I got the Willy’s clutch linkage reworked, enough to last till spring when I’ll have time to drop the tranny again and see what the hell is going on. I got the ‘burban back on the road and I rebuilt all 6 of the mounting points for the plow.

Today we butchered the lil’ fork horn mulie we killed on opening day. I’ve never hung meat as long as this before, but we didn’t lose any to souring or blow flies and it smelled good enough to make me drool as we were cutting. This evening we came down the mountain to our friend’s house to can it. I’m sure we could have done it on the wood cook stove but had other things to do in town as well. This year we did something different as well. In the past we have fed all of our trimming to the coyotes but this year we canned them up to feed our dogs over winter. I have always felt bad about the waste since I’m such a perfectionist we would end up with near 20% hang weight in trimmings. The chickens are almost done picking the rib cage clean. The dogs both got a leg bone and have two more waiting. The only thing we are dumping this year is the hide (not enough time this time) the skull and the part of the neck where it was shot. Over all I’m very happy with how little waste we had this year. Now we only need to get into the elk.

Here are some pics of the field to pantry process.










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Pics, as promised.

Here they are, I wish I had gotten some before I almost filled the house with that last load of furniture, but c’est la vie.








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It’s good to be home.

I had to go down to my former state and just returned.  I would say what necessitated my trip is a fair bellwether of the economy.  Both of my relatives who have second homes are selling one each.  This did translate into a huge windfall for us however.  I got the pick of the furniture in both of those houses.  Those who have visited us know we have never had really nice furniture, except for a couple of Ethan Allen pieces.  Our sofas, and living room chairs have always been old hand-me-downs, which we always milked the last little bit of life out of.  The old green one was not only embarrassing to look at, but it had this quirk caused by some broken braces which caused any two people sitting on it to be closer than any lovers, whether they wanted to be or not.  But anyways, we got both of the still existing bedroom sets from my great grandparents, they are both from the 1800,and one is Cherry wood, and the other Walnut.  We also got my grandma’s leather living room set, and beautiful antique carved oak curio cabinet, and the rest of our oak bedroom set. The family paid for a 26′ moving van and trailer to haul everything back, which allowed me to finally get the last 10 boxes of my books and 1300# of rough rock.  And the cherry to top it all off, my father-in-law gave me “The Kaiser”; a 1971 CJ5 WITH A WESTERN SNOWPLOW!! so I don’t need to worry about mounting my Meyer.

Anyways back to the title, I was only gone four days but I’m so happy to be home.  The town I went to has less than 100K people, but they all were rude assholes who didn’t know how to drive, save the few old friends I still have there, who need to be rescued.

On the building front, before I left I got the pantry and shelves for it built, and the stair going up to the loft. I was also able to insulate 90% of the roof and 90% of the interior walls. I’ll get some pic up soon.

Also, for the first time in my adult life I didn’t vote. The reasons for which I refused to vote stem from the fact I can no longer support this system of coercion via Mob rule. My good friend K really spelled it out as clearly as anyone since Spooner, here

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