The Last of the Big Ones, New Arrivials

Today we hung the last of the large rafters. We have twelve 10′ floor joists, for the front leg of the loft and third floor deck (observatory, gopher popping platform, etc.) left and 6 sets of 9′ pinnacle rafters.




Some closeups of the double “starbursts” from the core valleys.




Also in Goat’s Gulch headline news: Local Black Chick Makes Good!


This is the same hen that is the mother of the black chick from GCMII. She brooded these 7 the whole time unlike last time when we had to finish the job for her. She was a good momma who took them out showed them the waterer, food, cracked the larger grains for them, and even opened up a can of whoop-ass on one of the ducks who got too curious. We will be keeping all of her female pullets, to help mother any Spangled Hamburgs we want to hatch out, and are saving a special place for the cockerels (next to the stuffing and potatoes) since they are half meat breed birds, yummy.

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  1. Man, you could have picked a place with a better view. (I’m quite jealous; everything looks spectacular.)

  2. It looks wonderful!
    I really like your view. What a marvelous spot.

  3. Thanks, we sure like it.

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