Damn PSM and his Big Red Button!

This story actually starts years ago when an almost Certain Person temporarily (temporally) destroyed Fresno CA, after finding a Big Red Button and couldn’t resist pushing it. Here’s the whole story. Well any way, just a few days ago this same almost Certain Person was whining about some sort of heat wave out where he lives. I don’t have positive proof but I’m pretty damned sure he figured he could fix it by using The Great and Terrible Power of the Red Button. Because this is what it looked like at The Gulch just a few hours ago.

I just wish he could control the focal point of the results of The Damned Red Button.

Well I was wishing the damn rain of the last 3 weeks would go away, but I guess I should have been more specific.

On a completely different (more homestead related) matter we got our baby chicks in a few days ago and I thought I would share some pics. [mini-rant] Trying to brood chickens without a grid-tie in 30 degree weather really blows [/mini-rant]. Before anyone asks these are Silver Spangled Hamburgs except for the Elvis-looking one which is a Buff Laced Polish


A friend in the past described chickens as “Hippy TV” but our bird dogs are enjoying watching them even more than us.


Oh, the reason we had to get more chicks is because over the winter we lost all but three of the 18 laying hens to skunks and dogs while we wintered over in town. We only lost 1 chicken over last summer while they free ranged up in “The Wilderness”. The traps set to try to solve the predator problem led to the falling out of one of our “libertarian” friends but I don’t have enough time to go into full rant mode right now. I’ll just say that a (L)libertarian/anarchist shouldn’t wait till you leave and go threaten your kids with police action over something that isn’t even illegal………………………I’ll save the whole story for another day.

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  1. I thought you only had 2 left- the one that was still in the coop and then the one that was later found elsewhere in town.

  2. I had the rooster secreted away in Anaconda.

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